Commitment to Safety 2021

The Tour de Force is committed to providing a safe environment to all participants and staff. 2020 was a horrible year on many levels. We look forward to getting back to normal and seeing our TDF family. Two years is way too long.

As we would like to bury the pandemic, we must be cautious and protect one another. Enhanced safety measures will be taken before, during and after each day's events. Unfortunately, you hear this slogan used all too often, but at the TDF, during our event and through the year, it is so true........ We are all in this together!

/ Parking Lots

  • Sign-In/Event Bag Pick-Up, all will be required to wear face masks
  • Health Screening will be required on 9/10/2021
  • Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the event space & in each parking lot
  • All participants (Cyclists and Support Team), will be provided Personal Protective Equipment

Coach Buses & Support Vehicles

  • We will charter extra buses to ensure social distancing
  • Masks will be required on Buses
  • All coach buses will be cleaned with soap, and sprayed with disinfectants every night and sealed till the morning.
  • Coach buses will be left empty. Do not leave anything in the passenger area of the bus
  • Each evening, all support vehicles & box trucks will be cleaned, disinfected and sealed till the morning


Off duty Police Officers will be hired to protect our buses, box trucks and support vehicles, as well as protect participants during evening events. As we have always hired police officers from local municipalities, in 2021 they will be in uniform, providing a necessary presence to our participants and staff. Your safety & security is our top concern!


Unfortunately, we are unable to allow single rooms. Space is very limited and our budget is does not support the costs associated. We suggest you team up with someone that you know to room with. If you do not have a roommate, one will be assigned. We will do our best to match participants that are close in age (of course, with the same gender). Hotels have been doing a great job sanitizing rooms. Especially the larger chains/brands that we generally reserve for the event.


Understanding the current social environment is not contusive for a our traditional banquet, we have been weighing ideas around an outdoor banquet, with raffles and awards presented each night, in the parking lots. More to come...


As we begin to learn more about the benefits of vaccinations and possible requirements, we have not made a decision on how we will approach this tender issue. We are exploring the best opportunities to receive vaccination cards. Even if we do not require vaccination, knowing who is vaccinated will help with planning our room lists. As it is still early in the year and in the first wave of vaccinations, we should have a better idea and solution for this as we move further into the summer.

Face Masks
Hand Sanitizer Stations
Disinfectant Spray
Hand Washing Stations
Physical Security